Collated posts for the “New Normal” Meme

Merry Month of May 2022 The New Normal Meme

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in collating these posts on our “new normal”. I guess it reflects my own new normal: a mix of unexpected events (short hospital stay) and anticipated events (a short holiday in the Granite Belt). Being adaptable and having support from family and friends really is needed today more than ever.

Thanks to those who participated and to Linda and Lisa for linking it to Randy Seaver’s (Genea-Musing’s) Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. I have a horrible feeling I’ve forgotten to include someone but if I have, please accept my apologies and let me know and I’ll link it here.

Empty Branches on the Family Tree (Linda)

Kylie’s Genes

My Trails into the Past (Lisa)

Shauna Hicks

Tracking Down The Family (Jennifer)

Travel Genee (Fran)

and my own post.

It was interesting to read how the post-pandemic world has affected people differently depending on age, retired/employed or self-employed, health and location. It’s clear that none of us came out unscathed in some way even when we were fortunate to stay well. I’m also finding it fascinating how fiction authors have incorporated it into their stories. I’ve just finished re-reading Louise Penny’s “The Madness of Crowds” which, while a crime novel, includes the impact of the pandemic on people’s attitudes and lives. Perhaps it’s worth each of us including our posts, and a more personal perspective, into a story that we can leave as an inheritance for our descendants.

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