Genealogy Mojo and Gatherings

After a difficult 18 months of illness and my mother’s death, I’m finally recovering my mojo and re-engaging with family history. I was a bit worried when my earlier responses had become “can’t be bothered”. But, here I am back in the saddle, as they say.

One of the things that’s re-enthused me has been the opportunity to present a few talks to different organisations and to re-engage with fellow genealogy enthusiasts.

In early September I spoke to Buderim Rotary about “Leaving your stories – a legacy”. While this was for a non-genealogy group, it’s equally pertinent for us, because we tend to focus on ancestral stories and forget to record our own. This invitation came from a pre-covid talk I’d given to the Maroochydore View Club on a similar topic, which left the attendees chatting enthusiastically.

A lovely speaker gift of a cyclamen from QFHS.

Next up was my presentation for Queensland Family History Society members about “Becoming a Fan of FANs”. Judging on the questions and comments afterwards it was well received. As a bonus for me, I learned about another Kunkel family who’d come to Queensland but which was hidden behind the women’s maiden names. Unfortunately they came from an entirely different region in Germany from my lot. I also got a great tip-off for my research into the Dorfprozelten emigrants including their names in an inquest that I hadn’t found. Very exciting! Even though Carl Diflo came from the village up the road from my George Kunkel, he’d already given me great information, and now I had further clues from his inquest. I’ll be following this up at the archives. Winner!!

This week I’ll be presenting at the Queensland family and local history conference, Sands of Time, to be held at Redcliffe over the weekend. Not only will there be opportunities to learn and be inspired, but I’ll be able to meet some of my genimates for the first time in some years.  My topic will be “Protecting yourself and your research: Ethics, Privacy and Copyright. A necessary consideration for us all, albeit not exiting or fun.  This is an in-person conference so I’m really looking forward to it. There’s still time to join us if you are able to make it to Redcliffe.

The icing on the genealogy cake has been chatting to some of my friends at a BBQ lunch in Brisbane hosted by my friend Helen Smith yesterday and re-connecting with Judy G Russell, the Legal Genealogist. What a treat it was to be invited as, unfortunately, I won’t be going to Family History Down Under for logistical reasons, and will have to learn virtually. There’s still time for you to register to attend either in person or virtually.

How adorable is this tiny glider?!

To top it all off, Mr Cassmob and I have had a couple of lovely weekends in Stanthorpe and Toowoomba’s Carnival of Flowers. Life is returning to normal…happy days!

How is your genealogy mojo going? Have you made exciting finds or learned new things? Maybe you’d like to join us on the Australia New Zealand Ancestry Time (ANZAT) Twitter chat tomorrow evening to ask questions and share your stories? Don’t forget lots of places have gone off, or onto, Daylight Savings, so time adjustments may be required.

11 thoughts on “Genealogy Mojo and Gatherings

  1. So glad your mojo is coming back Pauleen. Looking forward to your Redcliffe presentation and to seeing you at the conference then back in the rooms regularly next year. How great for CFHRI to have THREE talented speakers at Redcliffe next weekend – Pauleen, Fran and Shauna.

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  2. Lovely to hear that you’ve regained your Mojo. It’s the interactions with people that I enjoy most about my genealogy hobby. Sorry I can’t join on Twitter but Tuesdays is my dinner at Mum’s night.


  3. Sorry to hear what a difficult time you’ve had and heartened to hear you’re feeling more like getting back into genealogy. Sometimes, life’s too hard and we have to put it on the back burner. Welcome back.


  4. I am truly sorry for your loss, Pauleen. So glad you are feeling better now! Also, that glider is just too adorable. I’ve heard they are high-maintenance pets, is it true?


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