E is for Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park

Join me on my Cemetery Searching expedition for the 2023 A to Z Blog Challenge. I’ll be re-visiting some cemeteries and preparing for a wish list of others. Some family members will be mentioned but I also have an interest in German family graves as well as those of people born in Co Clare Ireland.

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, Sydney, NSW

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, Eastern Suburbs Crematorium and Botany General Cemetery (aka Botany Cemetery), is a cemetery and crematorium on Bunnerong Road in Matraville, New South Wales, in the eastern suburbs district of Sydney, Australia. The first interment was registered on 21 August 1893. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Suburbs_Memorial_Park)

Today’s cemetery is a wish list search. I’ve never been to see this cemetery but I’m very keen to do so as many relatives of my O’Brien family are buried there. I’ve heard stories of them from my 4th cousin, Nora,  who is a descendant of my Mary O’Brien’s sister, Honora O’Brien Garvey. Honora remained in Ireland when three of her sisters and some of her children emigrated to Australia.

My wish list of memorials I really want to see:

Molly Kunkel as a young woman.

Margaret (Molly) Kunkel died 6 July 1950. Buried in RC Section B grave 573-4-5. Molly was the youngest child of my ancestors, George Mathias Kunkel and his wife Mary O’Brien.

Mary Garvey died 24 December 1935.

Kate Keane nee Garvey died 25 January 1936.

Catherine (Kate) Hogan died 8 September 1943

Thomas Hogan died16 December 1944

Ellen Garvey died 12 August 1969

Amelia W Hogan died 23 September 1969

There are further members of this family to look up as well as a couple of Kunkel graves.

You can search for burials in this cemetery here though strangely Molly Kunkel’s name is not coming up: https://www.smcnsw.org.au/eastern/find-a-loved-one

8 thoughts on “E is for Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park

  1. Not only do we both have family in D for Dungog but also in e for ESMP or Botany Cemetery as we know it where my parents, paternal grandparents and various aunts and uncles lie.

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  2. Everyone looks so stern in old photographs!

    I’m enjoying reading about your cemetery searches. It’s the kind of thing I think my mother would enjoy, but we don’t know much about her family any further back than her grandparents.

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  3. I love the name Botany Cemetery. It conjures up a nature park. Look forward to your blog post when you finally get there to complete your wish list.

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