S is for Scotland and Sandon, Herts

Join me on my Cemetery Searching expedition for the 2023 A to Z Blog Challenge. I’ll be re-visiting some cemeteries and preparing for a wish list of others. Some family members will be mentioned but I also have an interest in German family graves as well as those of people born in Co Clare Ireland.


My ethnicity is close to 50% Scottish, so it’s obvious I have an interest in a number of places, some of which we’ve already visited.

Strachur, Loch Fyne, Argyllshire

Strachur is the home of my Morrison family where they lived on Inverglen farm. Annoyingly I cannot find my Isabella Morrison’s baptism record (see Kilmorich), and I suspect it’s because of the clerk’s notation that those who didn’t pay the fee did not have their baptism registered. However, I do think I’ve got enough to be sure of her family.

Strachur Church of Scotland, photo taken 2006 P Cass. I first visited this church in 1989 and have been back several times.
Morrison graves at the front of the church. The cream coloured one is for my Isabella’s brother, Donald, and his family. The one on the right is that for John Gregor, schoolmaster of Strachur, and his wife, Isabella Morrison, my Isabella’s niece. John and Isabella’s daughter, Jessie Gregor, would marry her second cousin, Peter Sim McCorkindale in Brisbane, Australia.
An ancient memorial in the wall of the church.

Kilchrenan, Loch Awe, Agyllshire

Reported to be the traditional burial ground for the McCorquodales, I wonder if my first identified ancestors, Duncan McCorquodale/McCorkindale and his wife Ann Campbell were buried there. Outside the church there is a map of the graveyard which correlates to a named listing – unfortunately no one knows where it is. If wishes were horses….

The Kilchrenan church of Scotland. I was intrigues by the steps. P Cass 2010.
We were much amused by this chook which escorted us around the graveyard. As it happens the stones behind it belong to family members. Photos taken 2010.
Elizabeth (Betsy) McCorquodale was my 2nd great grandaunt. Betsy died on 19 December 1902. Her death certificate states she was 100 years old but according to her baptism at Glenorchy and Inishail on 13 February 1805, she was likely 97.
John McDonald, husband of Betsy above. They married at Kilchrenan on 26 November 1832.

Inscription on the tomb above. The Scots have long memories.
A very old McCorquodale grave from 1742. A relation? Who knows?

A little frivolity helps. A headless chicken…sexton of this churchyard it seems.

Sandon, Hertfordshire, England

I know from researching the Sandon parish registers (and parish chest) that my Kent family ancestors were buried in this churchyard. However even on my first explorations of the cemetery I was unable to find a relevant gravestone.

All Saints Church of England, Sandon, Herts
The side perspective on the church is quite different.

Cemetery Searching Wish List

Apart from wishing there’s always be a gravestone for every ancestor’s burial, my wish list focuses on Sydney. I want to visit the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Gardens (Botany) and Field of Mars cemetery as I’ve mentioned previously. However, I’m keen to see my great uncle’s grave at Woronora (Duncan McCorkindale, brother to my grandmother), and explore the Rookwood Necropolis, both the Catholic and non-Catholic sections. I’ll need to be on a fitness regime before I do Rookwood!

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