Another Trove discovery: Miss McSherry joins the convent

Sometimes at night, I just trawl through Trove using a combination of surname and place. Often the results just turn up finds I’ve made previously, tagged and linked to the relevant lists I maintain. And then, out of the rabbit hole, pops a completely unexpected rabbit[i]. I have no idea why this was a surprise … More Another Trove discovery: Miss McSherry joins the convent

Uniforms and uniformity

It will seem strange in some countries that our otherwise obstreperous country is not averse to uniforms in schools. (Mind you we also don’t venerate those who wear uniforms either). I’m very grateful that when I went to school, both primary and secondary, I wore a uniform every day. State run primary schools didn’t always … More Uniforms and uniformity

Love and the Law

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love”[i]… Perhaps that’s more true than usual in these uncertain times of a pandemic. However, we’d probably mostly agree it’s what all of us hope for in our lives, whether it’s platonic, passionate, familial or of friends. Certainly, in my own life one of the key gratitudes … More Love and the Law