Going to Goroka

AtoZ2019GBe in Goroka next week” they said

Sure, no problem!” Hah!

A baby, a mother cat, five kittens

Public Works packing crates

Crazy packing and cleaning

Cat and kittens to the high school

Only a small grey kitten to join us

Guilty consciences for decades.

North Goroka AR20

Our first house in North Goroka – an AR20 design.

Turns out the choice for the District Inspector of Education

Was a chair, executive

Or a new District Clerk

On such whims do life events turn…

nth Goroka village back fence

The village at the back of our yard.

Daughter 2 could have been a Morobe Miss

Not a little Gehuka[i].

Reconnecting with friends

Making new ones

Overwhelmed by facilities

From trade stores to Steamies and BPs[ii]

Boggle-eyed we were, but Harrods they were not! Ehwah!

Mountains replace coastal jungles

Refreshing cool nights and jumpers prevail

The perfect climate at 5000+ feet near the equator.

Goroka Girls1

Young girls in Goroka in traditional dress.

A new home – another government issued AR20

A village behind the back fence

A squatters’ camp nearby

Laundry downstairs

A packing crate for a playpen.

Behind me a voice says

Missus mi laik wok”

Jump three feet…”no gat”.

Sunday drives to Kabiufa

The SevenDe[iii] mission farm and high school


The local scenery was spectacular. Kabiufa’s vegetable farm?

Baby caulis, broccoli and fresh vegies – such a treat.

A foam esky to the in-laws in coastal Kavieng

Returns with cray tails in exchange

Bringing popularity with our friends…

Crayfish curry and mah-jong evenings.

Louisa in basket and Pedro Nth Goroka 1972

Daughter 1 and the grey kitten – a family tradition of baby photos in laundry baskets.

PNG’s Self-government is heralded by

Crashing bin lids and tooting car horns

Fears averted – this is not African independence.

A new house near the hospital

Brings the whop of helicopter blades

Ferrying a wounded warrior with a spear sticking out.

Daughter goes “walkabout”

Our hearts pound with fear – we’re on a local PMV[iv] route

Found! “Em I orait masta[v]. Yes, thankfully.

A resident “visitor” while on leave

Peruses our underwear and clothes and

Leaves “souvenirs” in the bathroom

A sense of invasion.

Many adventures come to a close after three years….

Next stop, “be in Gerehu next week”.

Rach christening Goroka

Our little Gehuka’s christening at home in Goroka. Paisley was quite the fashion.

Tok Pisin:

giaman – to lie or trick, false, a joke

guria – an earthquake – we had our share in Goroka

glas bilong lukluk – mirror

gumi – inner tube (of tyre)

going finish” – leaving PNG for good. Always a sad time.


[i] The local clan of the Goroka district.

[ii] Steamies was Steamships and BPs the local name for Burns Philp.

[iii] Seventh Day Adventist mission and high school.

[iv] A PMV is a Public Motor Vehicle – kind of a basic, very crowded bus aka truck.

[v] “It’s okay boss”.