Going to Goroka

AtoZ2019GBe in Goroka next week” they said

Sure, no problem!” Hah!

A baby, a mother cat, five kittens

Public Works packing crates

Crazy packing and cleaning

Cat and kittens to the high school

Only a small grey kitten to join us

Guilty consciences for decades.

North Goroka AR20
Our first house in North Goroka – an AR20 design.

Turns out the choice for the District Inspector of Education

Was a chair, executive

Or a new District Clerk

On such whims do life events turn…

nth Goroka village back fence
The village at the back of our yard.

Daughter 2 could have been a Morobe Miss

Not a little Gehuka[i].

Reconnecting with friends

Making new ones

Overwhelmed by facilities

From trade stores to Steamies and BPs[ii]

Boggle-eyed we were, but Harrods they were not! Ehwah!

Mountains replace coastal jungles

Refreshing cool nights and jumpers prevail

The perfect climate at 5000+ feet near the equator.

Goroka Girls1
Young girls in Goroka in traditional dress.

A new home – another government issued AR20

A village behind the back fence

A squatters’ camp nearby

Laundry downstairs

A packing crate for a playpen.

Behind me a voice says

Missus mi laik wok”

Jump three feet…”no gat”.

Sunday drives to Kabiufa

The SevenDe[iii] mission farm and high school

The local scenery was spectacular. Kabiufa’s vegetable farm?

Baby caulis, broccoli and fresh vegies – such a treat.

A foam esky to the in-laws in coastal Kavieng

Returns with cray tails in exchange

Bringing popularity with our friends…

Crayfish curry and mah-jong evenings.

Louisa in basket and Pedro Nth Goroka 1972
Daughter 1 and the grey kitten – a family tradition of baby photos in laundry baskets.

PNG’s Self-government is heralded by

Crashing bin lids and tooting car horns

Fears averted – this is not African independence.

A new house near the hospital

Brings the whop of helicopter blades

Ferrying a wounded warrior with a spear sticking out.

Daughter goes “walkabout”

Our hearts pound with fear – we’re on a local PMV[iv] route

Found! “Em I orait masta[v]. Yes, thankfully.

A resident “visitor” while on leave

Peruses our underwear and clothes and

Leaves “souvenirs” in the bathroom

A sense of invasion.

Many adventures come to a close after three years….

Next stop, “be in Gerehu next week”.

Rach christening Goroka
Our little Gehuka’s christening at home in Goroka. Paisley was quite the fashion.

Tok Pisin:

giaman – to lie or trick, false, a joke

guria – an earthquake – we had our share in Goroka

glas bilong lukluk – mirror

gumi – inner tube (of tyre)

going finish” – leaving PNG for good. Always a sad time.


[i] The local clan of the Goroka district.

[ii] Steamies was Steamships and BPs the local name for Burns Philp.

[iii] Seventh Day Adventist mission and high school.

[iv] A PMV is a Public Motor Vehicle – kind of a basic, very crowded bus aka truck.

[v] “It’s okay boss”.



11 thoughts on “Going to Goroka

  1. Wow so interesting to see and read about your post and pictures. Its quiet contrasting to what Goroka is now but it was such a beautiful and lovely place. I was born in Goroka and lived a good part of my childhood days there. Goroka will always be home to me though now i reside in Port Moresby. Thanks and looking forward to more posts.


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