Our family’s Christmas miracle

This week our family has been gratefully blessed with a Christmas miracle, not a term I use glibly. Our smallest grandson did something of a Humpty Dumpty, head-butting concrete in one of those hideous quirks of fate that spin our worlds from their normal orbit.

shooting starSo many terrifying outcomes have been averted and after a few scary days as his little body coped with the injury and shock, he is blossoming back into his “old” self, chattering and fully engaging with everyone.

The doctors and nursing staff at Royal Darwin Hospital have been absolutely fantastic and we are so grateful for all their professional expertise. RDH sometimes gets bad press, but unlike Jack from the nursery rhyme his medical regime has included far more than “vinegar and brown paper”. Apart from all the techno-gizmos in the hospital we’re so lucky that the local surgeons can also draw on the specialised expertise of neurosurgeons in Adelaide via video-conferencing and email. I’m also grateful for the support of my virtual and real friends for their support over the past few days.

We are all giving thanks that our baby has survived this ordeal so well…we can’t imagine life without our little man and a practical way we’ll give thanks is to help others whose lives, or that of their little ones, are at risk, probably through Kiva and Medicins Sans Frontieres.

The tree may not be up yet, the cake and pudding are in the early stages and cards may not go out, and my blog posts may be really late, but we’ve been blessed with a very personal Christmas miracle and the strength and support of family and friends.

hearts and stars