Our family’s Christmas miracle

This week our family has been gratefully blessed with a Christmas miracle, not a term I use glibly. Our smallest grandson did something of a Humpty Dumpty, head-butting concrete in one of those hideous quirks of fate that spin our worlds from their normal orbit.

shooting starSo many terrifying outcomes have been averted and after a few scary days as his little body coped with the injury and shock, he is blossoming back into his “old” self, chattering and fully engaging with everyone.

The doctors and nursing staff at Royal Darwin Hospital have been absolutely fantastic and we are so grateful for all their professional expertise. RDH sometimes gets bad press, but unlike Jack from the nursery rhyme his medical regime has included far more than “vinegar and brown paper”. Apart from all the techno-gizmos in the hospital we’re so lucky that the local surgeons can also draw on the specialised expertise of neurosurgeons in Adelaide via video-conferencing and email. I’m also grateful for the support of my virtual and real friends for their support over the past few days.

We are all giving thanks that our baby has survived this ordeal so well…we can’t imagine life without our little man and a practical way we’ll give thanks is to help others whose lives, or that of their little ones, are at risk, probably through Kiva and Medicins Sans Frontieres.

The tree may not be up yet, the cake and pudding are in the early stages and cards may not go out, and my blog posts may be really late, but we’ve been blessed with a very personal Christmas miracle and the strength and support of family and friends.

hearts and stars

23 thoughts on “Our family’s Christmas miracle

  1. Oh my word, the poor little chap and the family. I am glad that he has overcome the situation and everyone can take a huge sigh of relief. How amazing that video conferencing and email can assist modern medicine. Surely, social media at it’s best.


  2. A beautiful post, full of the Blessings of Christmas…you truly have your Christmas miracle…
    I’m so glad that he is back to his delightful self. I bet it’s a very long time before he’s sent to the naughty corner again, unless of course, Mum or Nana goes with him.


    1. Thanks Chris for your support!. I think you’re right -it will be a feat keeping his boyish enthusiasm in check once he’s home but cuddles galore are the order of the day right now.


  3. Oh Pauleen! What a terrible fright you must have had and what a worry. Anything to do with a head is a double worry! I am thrilled to bits that all is well .. what a tremendous relief for you all. When my 1st grandbaby was very small I was bouncing her on my knees with a baby rhyming song, and opening my knees and dropping her towards the ground , all the while holding on to her. One evening I was doing that and there was an almighty thud as her head hit the floor. She turned pale and could not speak and staggered all about the place – I really thought I had seriously damaged her. Her mother was next to me and she managed to stay calm throughout the night, waking her every hour or so to check that she was ok. I did not sleep for a week, and can still feel the chill running through me as I hear the crack of her head on the floor. I am so glad that your little man is ok; and that you and his parents are ok too. He will be Santa’s EXTRA special little client in 2012!


    1. Thanks Angela…he will be on Santa’s list for sure. Sounds like you can fully appreciate how scared we all were but everyone was very good. What a horrid experience you had with your littlie…you must have been frightened silly. It happens so quickly and without anyone’s careleness…just the whims of life. I hope you have a great Christmas.


  4. Sounds like you’ve all received the best Christmas present ever! So glad the hear he’s getting back to himself. And sad as it is, it often takes a trauma to really put things into perspective and focus on what is TRULY important.


  5. Your posting was so beautifully expressed. What a dreadful experience for everyone involved and such accidents can happen so quickly. I am sure we all have had frightening near misses with our children and grandchildren and can relate to much to your horror, fear and pain. I am so pleased he is on the road to recovery. With best wishes to all the family..


    1. Indeed we have Frances. He came home yesterday so now it’s a case of keeping him a little quiet through his recovery period. Not to mention his poor Mum getting some sleep.


  6. I’m glad to hear your grandson is all right! It’s so frightening and gives such a helpless feeling when something like that happens. You all will have a very happy Christmas!


    1. Thanks Kristen. it was a horrible couple of days but he’s like his old self now chattering and nattering….and crashing around (he’s our little bulldozer!). Keeping him from destructo mode will be the Xmas challenge. We are just so grateful for this Christmas blessing and yes, it will be a happy season. I hope you and yours have a wonderful time as well and enjoy all the family time that Christmas brings.


  7. WONDERFUL news!!! Pauleen. We had our own Christmas miracle recently when my daughter’s oldest childhood/friend was unexpectedly cured of Breast Cancer after the doctor’s had told her it was terminal. Much xxx to you and yours for a truly wondrous & special Christmas.


    1. Thanks Catherine. I’m so pleased to hear the news of your daughter’s friend….these events do remind us what’s truly important in our lives. Thank you for the Christmas greetings. I do hope your Christmas is also full of joy and peace.


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