Finally the Dry Season!

Yes we’ve all been a bit over-eager thinking the Dry Season was coming early but:

The dragonflies were out in force weeks ago (sign of the Dry)

The boats are back in Fannie Bay and the sailing classes have started

The Open Garden program has started (really looking forward to this!)

The grandchildren already reckon the pool is too cold (it is 22oC after all)

The air conditioning is no longer required by 10am

We look for long sleeves and trousers in the mornings (it is 22oC after all)

The skies are vivid blue and the ocean aquamarine

Finally the lightning, thunder and downpours have stopped

Yay!! It’s the Dry Season – no rain, cool weather, lots of fun events around town.

Woo hoo! Bring it on!

Hellooo the Dry Season

Yes, I know it’s a beer ad, but it’s clever, and this is Darwin after all.

Chilling out in Darwin

This pink frangipani is growing in my courtyard garden. Beautiful against the blue morning sky.

For those who think it never gets chilly in Darwin, this morning was a breezy 16C. Yes I can hear all you non-tropical people laughing like mad but when the normal range is 25 to 32 daily you get a bit spoiled. So when it drops to temps in the teens everyone is in shock, even those of us who love it…count me in the latter group. Out

Desert rose in my garden...currently flowering hot pink.

on the acreage blocks about 25kms south of Darwin it even drops <10 sometimes.

You can be confident that there will be any number of people out and about in Darwin wearing jumpers/cardigans and boots or even Ugg boots, and my grandson will have his jeans on. Serious business!

This morning the Navy patrol boats were out on the water. It’s all “go” for Defence in Darwin as we regularly have international manoeuvres here during the Dry and the Fly Boys are up having fun in their fighter jets. Darwin is after all on Australia’s northern boundary and a front-line defence position so it’s not unknown to encounter an Army APC (aka tank) driving down the road with everyone on their gun positions. A bit freaky the first time you encounter it I must say. (Friday update -the RAAF jet-jockeys were up in their FA-18s this afternoon, doing U’ies over our roof so we got the sonic boom as they took off on the next leg of their circuits….shades of Top Gun without Tom Cruise).

Meanwhile it’s been a lovely clear blue sky kind of day and the tropical flowers are gorgeous. The burn-off has started and the smell of smoke from the fires is in the air daily. Up by the waterfront the exquisite crimson finches were dashing and “peeping” everywhere….their call is a distinctive “peep, peep”. Unfortunately they’re much too fast and flighty for me to capture on camera.

Here are some photos I took today of our beautiful tropical flowers.

I think this is my favourite frangipani but not in my garden, sadly.

A recent acquisition - not sure if I'll be successful with it.

This vivid orange Ritzi hibiscus didn't go with my garden's colour scheme but I had to have it anyway, and it does look gorgeously sunny and sparks up the garden.

Woohoo -the Dry Season has arrived!

Doesn't Fannie Bay look beautiful?

This may not seem like exciting news to non-Territorians but after six months of heavy rainfall, the Dry Season looks like it’s arrived. It’s a balmy 25C with a lovely breeze and only 51% humidity. This is sooo much nicer than having a waterfall pouring down your face 24/7 from the heat and humidity. The sky is blue and the boats are moving back to Fannie Bay near the Yacht Club. Not only that but the formerly-flooded-in roads are starting to reopen. I’m very excited! Cool weather is so much more motivating.