Finally the Dry Season!

Yes we’ve all been a bit over-eager thinking the Dry Season was coming early but:

The dragonflies were out in force weeks ago (sign of the Dry)

The boats are back in Fannie Bay and the sailing classes have started

The Open Garden program has started (really looking forward to this!)

The grandchildren already reckon the pool is too cold (it is 22oC after all)

The air conditioning is no longer required by 10am

We look for long sleeves and trousers in the mornings (it is 22oC after all)

The skies are vivid blue and the ocean aquamarine

Finally the lightning, thunder and downpours have stopped

Yay!! It’s the Dry Season – no rain, cool weather, lots of fun events around town.

Woo hoo! Bring it on!

Hellooo the Dry Season

Yes, I know it’s a beer ad, but it’s clever, and this is Darwin after all.

11 thoughts on “Finally the Dry Season!

  1. Enjoy your dry season. We have had rain, hailstones and gales for the last 2 weeks. If the sun does come out it lasts for a few hours then back to rain again. As I type I can hear the rain hitting the study window. Horrid!


    1. None of that sounds pleasant, Julie. I like tropical rain despite the humidity but not so keen on the chilly kind. Be of good cheer and keep blogging.


  2. Ahh, and here in the Pacific NW USofA, spring looks to be finally here — no snow or rain predicted for at least the coming week — but we all know that can change overnite — but now we enjoy the rhododendrons, azaleas, and the farmers markets that tempt us with beauties to put in the ground, knowing full well we have a few hard frost before planting is safe. Enjoy your Dry Season.


    1. hi Joan, thanks. Your planting schedule sounds fantastic. You will have to add some pics when they flower. I imagine you’re every bit as pleased to see Spring on the horizon and the absence of snow, but those frosts don’t sound fun! You’ll be amused to know that yesterday Mr Almost-three was complaining that his feet were too cold …it must have been about 25C by then 😉 Different life experiences and weather parameters.


    1. I don’t envy you the heat there Amy…I’m guessing it’s a dry heat which in some ways is worse than humidity. Thank heavens for pools and aircons I say.


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