Merry Month of May Music Meme: The Summary of Melodies and Memories

Last week I proposed a bit of fun and frivolity for May, after the serious posts of April. My proposal was that anyone was welcome to join in the Merry Month of May Music Meme. Here are the responses to date. There were lots of fun memories in people’s responses and lots of “blast from the past” moments. Check them out…they’re fun. Thanks everyone for joining in! I certainly had a ton of fun.

If I’ve missed anyone somehow please leave a comment and I’ll remedy my mistake.

If you’d like to join in with your own memories, please do so, I’ll post periodic updates to the list: the more the merrier.


Australian Genealogy Journeys



Kylie’s Genes

Leafing through Linda’s Tree

Mr Cassmob’s Music Meme response

Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family took the opportunity to write on the themes, a fun one here and an evocative one here as well as her summary.

That Moment in Time

Twigs of Yore

Wishful Linking Family History Blog

Do check out Amayezing’s response in the comments on this post: an interesting perspective from growing up in the bush.

And in case you missed it, my own response is here.

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