“Merry” Month of May Meme: the New Normal

Merry Month of May 2022 The New Normal Meme

Two years ago we did a meme on the impact of coronavirus on ourselves and our communities. At the time I said it would be another four years before I invented another (we’ve previously had Movies in 2016 and Music in 2012).

However since we’re all being told that it’s time we find a new normal and adapt to it, I thought it might be opportune to take our community’s perspective on what has changed
“post-pandemic”, and if so how much.

So, if you want to join in, please link your responses to this post and at the end of May or early June, I’ll do a combined link to all posts.

Has your day-to-day life returned to how it/you functioned previously?

If your “new normal” is different from your “old normal”, can you share some of the ways it’s changed?

Do you think these will be long-term changes for you?

What personal benefits have you gained from the change of pace and experiences in the past two years?

Do you think the disadvantages have outweighed the benefits for you and/or family and friends?

What do you value most about your new normal?

What do you consider have been the main influences: covid infection, restrictions and isolation, other health issues, changing inter-personal interactions?

What is your view of in-person meetings (social or genealogy) and do you love or hate zoom meetings?

What was the main activity and/or person that supported you through the unpredictable times?

Has your community developed a new normal or just returned to the old one? What differences do you see, if any?

I’m looking forward to hearing what people think.

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