Ring the Bells -Upcoming Christmas Geneameme

It’s been a long while since we’ve had a geneameme and I thought it might be fun to  do a Christmas Geneameme-after all it’s not as if we’re busy or anything <smile>. If we get participation from readers around the world it will be a fun way to learn how others celebrate Christmas.

Do you want to join in? I’ll be posting the geneameme on 2nd December, the start of Advent, and will collate all the responses on Sunday 16th December so there’s time for people to get involved.

Maybe you haven’t been involved in a geneameme and aren’t sure what to do….

Here’s how the Geneameme works

Copy the list from my 2 December post into your blog

Add your comments after each question (writing your comments in a different colour/italicised makes the responses easier to read).

Try to add more than a yes/no answer so we can learn more about everyone’s experiences.

If there’s something I’ve missed feel free to add another question/comment.

Please leave a link in the comments section of my blog or on Google+ or use a #xmasgeneameme Twitter tag. (Google alerts aren’t always reliable).

On 16th December I’ll post a link to all our posts. (I figure after that everyone will be in manic-Xmas-preparation mode, or maybe travelling).


If you don’t have a blog you can still participate by sending me a comment with your responses (or to my email -see the right hand bar on the home page).

10 thoughts on “Ring the Bells -Upcoming Christmas Geneameme

  1. For the past two years I’ve done the genebogger advent calendar. Since the questions are the same I was looking for something different to do. Looking forward to the list!


  2. Yes, count me in! Like Kristen, I was hoping there would be something different from the Advent Calendar I have participated in (and enjoyed) the last two years. I look forward to finding out more. I do like your holly motif – very cheery on a bitterly cold frosty day in Scotland – 32F.


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