Deck the Halls – 2012 Christmas Geneameme

It’s the start of the Advent season today and I thought it would be fun if we shared our different experiences of Christmas and how we celebrate it around the world. By doing this through a geneameme we’ll be able to compare our responses and see whether we do things very differently or if there’s lots of similarities.

For this meme, it doesn’t matter whether you’re religiously inclined or not, just tell us how important this season is to your family.

It would be great if you joined in from around the world– the more the merrier (and it’s the season to be merry!).  I’ve tried not to be Australia-centric so please pull me up if any of these are unclear…we should all be able to “have a go”.


  1. Do you have any special Xmas traditions in your family?
  2. Is church attendance an important part of your Christmas celebrations and do you go the evening before or on Xmas Day?
  3. Did/do you or your children/grandchildren believe in Santa?
  4. Do you go carolling in your neighbourhood?
  5. What’s your favourite Christmas music?
  6. What’s your favourite Christmas carol?
  7. Do you have a special Xmas movie/book you like to watch/read?
  8. Does your family do individual gifts, gifts for littlies only, Secret Santa (aka Kris Kringle)?
  9. Is your main Christmas meal indoors or outdoors, at home or away?
  10. What do you eat as your main course for the Christmas meal?
  11. Do you have a special recipe you use for Xmas?
  12. Does Christmas pudding feature on the Xmas menu? Is it your recipe or one you inherited?
  13. Do you have any other special Christmas foods? What are they?
  14. Do you give home-made food/craft for gifts at Christmas?
  15. Do you return to your family for Xmas or vice versa?
  16. Is your Christmas celebrated differently from your childhood ones? If yes, how does it differ?
  17. How do you celebrate Xmas with your friends? Lunch? Pre-Xmas outings? Drop-ins?
  18. Do you decorate your house with lights? A little or a lot?
  19. Is your neighbourhood a “Xmas lights” tour venue?
  20. Does your family attend Carols by Candlelight singalongs/concerts? Where?
  21. Have any of your Christmases been spent camping (unlikely for our northern-hemisphere friends)?
  22. Is Christmas spent at your home, with family or at a holiday venue?
  23. Do you have snow for Christmas where you live?
  24. Do you have a Christmas tree every year?
  25. Is your Christmas tree a live tree (potted/harvested) or an imitation?
  26. Do you have special Xmas tree decorations?
  27. Which is more important to your family, Christmas or Thanksgiving?

 Thanks for participating in this Christmas Geneameme and sharing your Christmas experiences!

Don’t forget to leave a link to your geneameme response in the comments section or on Google+ or on Twitter using hashtag #xmasgeneameme. Thanks!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2013.

49 thoughts on “Deck the Halls – 2012 Christmas Geneameme

    1. My husband loves all the festive period, decorating the tree, the lights and all the wonderful foods. As soon as the Christmas Channel appeared on Sky it has barely been off onto another channel and I can just about get a quick Sky News fix! I am afraid I am a real bar humbug, much to hubby’s horror!


      1. I used to be a real Xmas fanatic but as the years go by, less so. Even so I don’t think I could keep watching/listening only to a Xmas Channel (in fact didn’t even know there was one!).


      2. I like my hour or sometimes two of chill-out time in the evening but my Fox Box seems to have an inordinate numbers of Kids’ programs (and WDYTYA!) stored on it 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Susan. I really enjoyed learning about how you spend Christmas…lovely image of the snow falling, despite the work that will later entail with sweeping etc. Happy Christmas! Pauleen


    1. Thanks for joining in, Linda. I really enjoyed reading how you celebrate(d) Xmas…there are so many different experiences, it’s all too easy to assume we all do it the same way. Pauleen


    1. Thanks for participating Randy and thanks for making it the SNGF post. Hopefully people will have fun doing it. I really enjoyed yours as you’ll have seen from my comments.


    1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories Donna. I really enjoyed your responses as you’ll see from my comments. It’s so interesting seeing how all of us share this special time with our families and friends. We’ve also had years where we invited “orphans” to our Xmas -people a long way from home. Sounds like your family Christmases are very special. Have a happy Christmas 2012. Pauleen


    1. Thanks Catherine, Deb & Alona, sorry about my delayed response. Our smallest grandson wound up in hospital this week so nothing else has mattered. I’m off to comment on your stories which I thoroughly enjoyed reading last night.


      1. Totally understandable Pauleen, family always comes first. That added on to this busy time of year would not have been a good thing and I do hope all is ok with your grandson. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and new year.


  1. Just leaving a message ’cause Randy said to leave one. I think I have a half finished 2012 blog post in drafts along with some other geneameme’s from Alona and definitely a FB one too in some note app.


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