Deck the Halls – Christmas geneameme responses

advent candlesTwo weeks ago I suggested we play a Christmas Geneameme to get us in the mood for Christmas.

I was particularly pleased that Randy Seaver from Genea-Musings made it his theme for last week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun (if you haven’t tried any of Randy’s suggestions before why not give it a go, like he says, they’re fun).

Here are the responses to the meme and it’s great to see such diversity in the places, cultures and traditions represented. I think it’s safe to say that family is indeed the common thread. It I’ve missed anyone please forgive me and leave a comment.

If you’d still like to play along but haven’t had time (yes it’s crazy busy I know), then please just let me know & I’ll add your link to the list.

A Pocket Full of Family Memories from Deb on Australian and UK Christmases

Angler’s Rest by Julie in England

Family History 4U from Sharn in Sydney.

Family History across the Seas my own response

Family History Fun by Sue in Scotland

Family Stories Photographs and Memories from Diane in Sydney

Finding Eliza from Kristin in the USA.

Geniaus by Jill in Sydney

Geneamusings by Randy in San Diego as part of last Saturday’s Genealogy Fun (thanks Randy)

Hanging from the Family Tree by Donna in the USA.

Jenny’s Genealogy Blog from Jenny in Sydney.

Jottings Journeys and Genealogy from Judy in Queensland (with a bush-Christmas slant)

Lone Tester from Alona in South Australia

Red de Antepasados by Sonia in Madrid, Spain (use your friendly Google Translate button to read Sonia’s responses, unless your Spanish is better than mine!)

Round Tuit Genealogy by Linda in Illinois, USA

Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family by Catherine in South Australia

Shauna Hicks History Enterprises from Shauna in Queensland

That Moment in Time by Crissouli in Queensland

Tracking Down The Family from Jennifer in Bendigo, Victoria

And an absolutely delightful post about Christmas in Donegal, Ireland in the 1950s which The Silver Voice kindly said was inspired by this geneameme.

Thank you so much everyone for joining in this geneameme. I really enjoyed reading your stories and I hope you all had fun too and learnt a little more about your geneabuddies’ lives -the similarities and differences.

5 thoughts on “Deck the Halls – Christmas geneameme responses

  1. Thanks, I’m looking forward to reading the ones I haven’t seen yet. I didn’t take part because lots of the answers would have started “before my mother died this year, we…” and it would have been too depressing to read or write. I’ve enjoyed it, though, and thank you to everyone who took part.
    Maybe next year?


    1. Thanks for linking in Frances, I’ve added Kristin’s which I’d missed (Finding Eliza), well worth a read. I’m sorry that in a way this opened up raw wounds for you. On the positive side it reminds us all to value what we have I suppose, and I think shows how much we have in common despite superficial differences. Pauleen


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