‘Tis the season, for gifts – 3rd Blogiversary competition

present‘Tis the season to be jolly (and give presents!) and as my 3rd geneablogging birthday is coming up in  on 27th December I decided a while ago to celebrate by sharing two gifts with my readers.

It’s your commitment to visiting my site, reading my stories and sharing your comments that has made blogging such an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. Thank you!

So, I have two small gifts to send out to two randomly selected, readers. Both gifts have a local Northern Territory Indigenous “flavour”.

The first is an iPad case made by Aboriginal women from Central Australia. It will fit an original iPad as a sleeve but would also fit other tablets or even just your notebook and pencil or whatever.


The second gift is a little purse by the Tiwi women from across the water north of Darwin. Again, you choose what you’d use it for.

Tiwi purse
Tiwi purse

So if you’d like to be in the draw for either of these gifts, please leave a comment below and I’ll announce the winners on my blogiversary, 27th December. I may use random.org or I may just decide to be old-fashioned and put all the comments in a hat and get Mr Cassmob to draw one out.

This little “competition” is open to all my readers wherever you may be, I’m happy to post around the world as both items are very light-weight.

31 thoughts on “‘Tis the season, for gifts – 3rd Blogiversary competition

  1. Congratulations, Pauleen, on your 3rd blogging anniversary and for writing such a fascinating stream of posts. I share your sentiments on what an enjoyable and satisfying experience blogging can be. Onto your 4th year! I look forward to reading more. Best wishes for the festive season.


    1. Thanks Sue, I think we all seem to agree that we get so much from blogging and sharing each other’s posts. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all the family.


  2. Happy 3rd anniversary… already!!! May you continue to teach and delight as you have always done… A lovely idea to offer these items, but I just wanted to congratulate you, rather than enter the draw.


  3. Congrats! Three years of blogging is a wonderful achievement for you, but I think your readers are the lucky ones. So much valuable information is available on your blog, it is a marvellous resource. (Also not entering the draw but wanted to drop by!)


  4. Happy third anniversary! Hopefully with many more to come. You have given so much pleasure, knowledge and entertainment as well as a window to a pretty spectacular region of Australia


  5. Happy Blogiversary Pauline,
    I write this as a lurker (and wanna be blogger) who enjoys your posts for several reasons. The first is how articulate you are when describing sources and their uses, and the second is that everything you write comes straight from the heart. What we love best is almost always what we do well and vice versa. Your posts always demonstrate both.
    P.S. and that happy little smiling face I see helps convey the message


    1. hi Jenny, it’s good to hear from you breaking the lurk-barrier :-). I very much appreciate your comments which are so generous. I do love family history and you’re right that when we love something it becomes our passion and we throw ourselves into it.

      If you want to blog, just give it a whirl, you’ve nothing to lose and it’s easier than it looks. Plus you gain so much back from your friends.

      PS looking a bit more cross-eyed than smiley right now after hours working on my backlogged Beyond the internet posts 😉


      1. That’s okay Jenny…believe me it’s far from uncommon..I have long-term friends who still get it wrong! I give gold stars when someone spells it the challenging way 🙂


  6. Happy Blogiversary to you, Happy Blogiversary to you, Happy Blogiversary to you Paaauuuuuline … Happy Blogversary to you! With many more blogiversarys to come.
    Now the bad singing is over, let me tell you that I find your posts are always interesting and inciteful, and I do learn from them. So keep up the great work, and I look forward to more in 2013.


  7. Happy Blogiversary from me as well Pauleen. I too thoroughly enjoy your posts. I don’t always get time to comment but I always read them. I haven’t had time to post much myself lately but I’ll have to do so soon or yes I’ll go nuts. Thanks for your help and advice and I look forward to reading many more posts from you.


    1. Thanks Kerryn for your support and kind words. I know what you mean about reading and commenting…I’ve been playing catch up for over a month. Good luck with your posts -maybe after Christmas there’ll be more time. I’m sorry you’re not going in the draw….all my Aussie readers seem to be withdrawing from the fray.


  8. Happy Blogiversary, Pauleen. Even when I am very busy, yours in one blog that (sooner or later) I always make a point of reading. I especially like your ‘Beyond the Internet’ series!


    1. Thanks Judy! I know exactly what you mean about sooner or later -a bit like that here lately too! Thanks for your support for Beyond the Internet…I’m very relieved to have just completed the 52 weeks. The remaining “weeks” are now all scheduled. Alleluia!!!


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