Dorfprozelten emigrant stories

Back in 2009 I submitted a series of articles to the Queensland Family History Society’s Q150 project, Queensland Founding Families. If you have access to this book it is well worth looking at to see if there are any mentions of your pioneer families.

I’ve decided to include my Dorfprozelten emigrant stories on this blog to gain wider coverage. Should anyone find errors in the content I’d appreciate your feedback. Please be aware that these stories are copyrighted to me and may only be used with permission. Over the coming weeks I will add further stories on the different Dorfprozelten immigrants based on my research.

You can read my first story on Johann Hock from Breitenbrunn and Clara/Rosina Günzer from Dorfprozelten at this link. This family were Queensland pioneers.

4 thoughts on “Dorfprozelten emigrant stories

  1. What a great addition to your blog. I am still sorting through the data I have for my One Place Study and think I have finally reached contentment with the plan I have devised. It would be much quicker if I was less fussy!


    1. I’m looking forward to seeing where you go with your OPS. Dorfprozelten doesn’t quite fit that for me as I’m mainly focused on the emigrants to Oz. Fussy is good but it’s also time-consuming -I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes settling for 95% not 99% would be better 🙂


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