Knock on effects from the demise of Reader

Are you missing Google Reader to keep up with all your favourite blogs?

I certainly am, and it didn’t help that it’s demise coincided with over a month away from home, going flat chat on a task. Once you get behind it’s a very slippery slope to catch up, that’s for sure.

Prior to the the dreaded 30 June deadline I had imported my links into WordPress Reader and also into Feedly. I’d even practiced using them as well. But still my heart lies with Reader. It was so easy to keep up via the iPad and short comments were manageable.

Recently I happened across one of the geneabloggers who uses Bloglovin (sorry I’d give credit if I could just remember whose it was!). So now I’m sampling that as well.

I do like Bloglovin’. I’m finding it a little easier to keep up with the reading and commenting and it gives me an added push by sending off a daily email of published posts (which I could also do with Feedly).

Of course what doesn’t happen if I flip between the programs is that they each don’t recognise that I’ve already read a particular post, so I do need to settle down to use just one. At the moment I’m leaning towards Bloglovin’.

The further complication is that we have an original iPad which won’t let me upgrade the ios to cope with many of the apps I want to use. So now my smart phone is given the job to keep up with the blog reading.

So to all my blogging friends, I apologise for neglecting you lately (well a while actually) but it doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest. Hopefully before long I’ll be back on track.I'm sorry

How did you resolve the dilemma of Reader’s demise?

8 thoughts on “Knock on effects from the demise of Reader

  1. I do miss Reader! However, I imported everything into WordPress Reader before the d-day and I am carrying on more or less as usual. I get notifications when posts go up but I have set a large number to weekly notifications and on a Sunday afternoon I sit down with a cup of coffee to have a read. I always seem to have a little problem with blogspot – I often don’t get them and I can never ever comment on them. It is probably an issue between the rival blog hosting companies!


    1. I know what you mean about blogspot Angela. I learnt a trick the other day -apparently you can use Open ID which seems to mostly work. Part of the problem for me has just been getting out of kilter I think…used to be late evening was my time to read the posts, sitting in bed with the ipad.


  2. I miss Reader but after having a few weeks with the Old Reader have settled down nicely with I miss having an Android app for this (they say it’s coming) but it works nicely in the browser on my tablet.
    After my initial period of mourning I am settled again.


  3. I’ve missed Reader too but have been too busy with National Family History Month to think about it so this post is very timely. I’ll try out these suggestions now that I might have some spare time!


    1. I think that’s the issue Shauna…my time’s been tied up lately too so I suspect that’s the problem as much as anything. I’m quite liking Bloglovin’.


  4. No worries Pauleen… sure can be difficult, at times, to keep up with reading/ blogging when daily life pushes to the forefront and demands priority 😉
    Loss of the Google reader hasn’t been a bother to me having chosen, some time ago, to not go down the Google path. The only aggravation has been that they’ve now taken over “Feedburner” which limits my email access to some great blogs. However, as my boy would say… “no biggie” 😀


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