My Heritage – August Aussie Access

Recently I received this email from Emma from My Heritage. I’ve not long had a subscription with them and have been finding their records useful. I like to compare the results I get from different suppliers – sometimes you get info from one that’s not on another, or you get better/different transcriptions. Most recently I’ve been using My Heritage for some American research but how could you pass up this opportunity to try out their Aussie records for National Family History Month (August)?

My name is Emma Datny and I’m the Australian Community Manager for MyHeritage, the global family history network used by over a million Australians (and 75 million people around the world) to discover, share and preserve their family history.

You may have spoken previously with my predecessor Kim or my colleague Daniel, but I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and let you know about the exciting activities we have planned for for August to celebrate National Family History Month including webinars, competitions, discounts and more!

In honour of National Family History Month this August, MyHeritage is giving FREE access to millions of Australian historical records between August 15-22. These include birth, marriage and death certificates, electoral rolls, school records, and many more. You’ll be able to search them here. We’d be grateful if you would let your readers know about this access.

Here’s a link to our blog post outlining the activities we have planned:

Why not take this opportunity to try out My Heritage and their record sets?

10 thoughts on “My Heritage – August Aussie Access

    1. Of course, but she’s just doing her job. I’ve found My Heritage quite good for Australian records, and to some extent for American ones so worth a free trial for those who are inclined I think.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve just signed up for My Heritage in preparation for August 15th when the records are available. As part of the registration I entered a few family details, and have found a match and am now uncovering new ancestors! Very exciting!


      1. I’m most interested in Victorian records at the moment, but clicking through to that link it seems to be mostly Queensland. Also, the results don’t seem much different than when I tried earlier in the week.

        This is probably more a question for MyHeritage, but do you know if the ‘free records’ are available at the moment?


  2. Interesting. Some cousins of my mother lived in Australia, 2nd generation immigrants from USA, and I’ve always been curious about them. Never knew quite how to go about locating them. This might be a way to get some leads and add a new line to my family history. Thanks.


    1. hi Annie, Hope it’s some use to you to find the rellies. The timeframe may affect whether you find them -as with most records there’s a closure period for more recent events. FYI our BDMs are registered state by state. You might also find it worthwhile to search Trove, our digitised newspapers They are available mostly to about the 1950s so again a potential time frame issue. They can be gold!


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