Family Memorabilia and Ireland

As the Irish people commemorate the centenary of the Easter Uprising this weekend it seemed an appropriate time to share a piece of family memorabilia relating to Ireland’s fight for independence and self-government.

This brochure was found among my Irish-born grandfather’s possession. Published in 1921, long after he’d been in Australia, we don’t know how he came by it. Perhaps they were commonly available to patriotic Irish Australians at the time.

Irish proclamation page 1

Irish proclamation page 2

Irish proclamation page 3

For all I know these items are common as dust but I find it interesting because it shows my grandfather’s on-going interest in his place of birth which he left as a six-month old infant.

6 thoughts on “Family Memorabilia and Ireland

  1. Love those old documents, thanks for sharing. My great grandfather was in Dublin from late 1916 to early 1919 with the British army. He was with a horse transport unit, not a regular soldier. But the “enemy” nevertheless, as least that’s the way we tend to see it now! I would love to be able to find out more about his time there, but don’t know where to start. Just have a few dates on the pension application that he sent in after he was demobbed. I suppose he was there when this Declaration of Independence was published. When did your grandfather come to Australia and from where?


    1. Sorry I can’t add advice re your gt-grandfather. Perhaps it would be worth seeing if there’s a book or website dedicated to his regiment and something there might be of help. My grandfather came to Oz as an infant in 1884, born Wexford, Ireland.


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