Sunday Summary – A to Z

This year’s A to Z Challenge hosts a plethora of blogs being written on a variety of topics. It’s a couple of years since I joined the challenge so I was pleased to discover how many of my genimates (and a few new ones) are participating. In case you haven’t tracked them all down yet, here’s my list – please let me know if I’ve missed one.


Anne’s Family History (Anne) *

CurryAus  (GeniAus/Jill)*

Family History 4U  (Sharn)*

Family History Across The Seas (Pauleen)* (mine)

Family Tree Frog  (Alex)*

Finding Eliza  (Kristin)

Family History Fun 


History Roundabout 

Jollett Etc. (Wendy)

Molly’s Canopy 

My Genealogy Challenges

Strong Foundations (Sharon)*

 Ties that bind 

Travel Genee (Fran)*

Tracking Down the Family (Jennifer)*

Wishful Linking (Maria)*

The Curry Apple Orchard (Linda)*

Family Wise (Kirsty)

Some additions from my genimates (see below)- thanks!!

Exploring Family (Maureen)*

Family Reunion Keepsake Book

Family Tree Blossoms (Judy)*

GenieQ (Helen)*

GenWestUK (Ros)

History Roundabout – ? – England

Lilian’s Tree (Lilian)*

Murch Surname Study (Ros)

My Genealogy Challenges  (Dianne – Canada)

Old Scottish Genealogy and Blog (Penny and Fergus – Scotland)

Our Life Picture by Picture (Shannon)

Roots and Stuff (Mary – USA)

Southern Graves (Stephanie)


The Past Whispers

The writing desk of Ros Haywood

* this is an Australian blogger

Just some of the fascinating blogs that I’ve visited over the past week. Aren’t there some great blog titles out there?

Diary of a Dublin Housewife 

Random Thoughts and Tender Mercies

Home, hugs and huskies 

Pastimes, passion and paraphernalia

Star lit stories 

Red woman lying on her side

Sukanya Ramanujan

Nickers and Ink 

Random thoughts of a sleepless mind 

Burggraf’s Blog 

The k9harperlee 

Parsley, Sage and Rosemary Time


21 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – A to Z

  1. Thank you, you’ve taken one thing off my list to do today. I was intending to compile a list myself. I also love the titles, very intriguing.
    I’m going to try to work my way through over the next few days.

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  2. I’ll echo the others above me, thank you for compiling that list. I noticed there were more geneoblogs in the challenge this year and I enjoy finding them. Will check out your other list too.

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  3. As promised some extras I’m following :
    Exploring Family (Maureen – Aus), Family Tree Blossoms (Judy – Aus), GenieQ (Helen – Aus), GenWestUK (Ros), Lilian’s Tree (Lilian – Aus), Murch Surname Study (Ros) blogmurch.blogspot, The Past Whispers, Southern Graves (Stephanie), Treetrack’n –, The writing desk of Ros Haywood

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  4. So many blogs to read! I’m trying to finish my book for book club, write my blogs, read new blogs. Mundane things like washing and sorting clothes have been put on the back burner so my spare room looks like a tip. I’d better go do some laundry. Thanks for the list.

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  5. Pauleen, Thanks for the mention. Sneaking a few comments in with the A to Z while on “music on hold” at work. I just cannot keep up with the A to Z blogging and reading, Caloundra Family History FB page and yes WORK. Fran

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