Z is for zzzz

My A2Z 2016 theme is how to pursue an interest in family history/genealogy – thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope it’s been helpful to budding family historians.

Z is for ZZZzzz

Well you can forget about that once you start your research…those delicious ten hour sleeps will become a thing of the past. At almost any hour of the day or night you’ll find a fellow genealogist online somewhere in the world.

SnoozeUnlike the A to Z challenge, family history research never really finishes. It may frustrate you, and at times wear you out, but it will offer untold challenges and interest on your journey. Like the rest of us, you’ll find yourself doing a genea-jig when you make any discovery, large or small.  The day you hold a document your ancestor signed, or you walk their land, will remain a special memory for the rest of your life.

Happy journeying if you join me and my genimates in this quest. If you opt to start a blog, do join Geneabloggers so we can all follow along. You might be interested in some of the Z attributes genealogists will need.

Thank you for following me on this journey…I’ve appreciated your support, especially that of new readers and my geneablogging mates.

There’s a plethora of reading choices on this year’s A to Z Challenge, so my challenge to you on this last day is to visit the sign-up page and select one (or more) blogs to read between the numbers 100 to 199.

23 thoughts on “Z is for zzzz

  1. That’s a real Zinger Pauleen – the many times my husband came out to the livingroom and said “You’re still up digging them up??” I do the happy dance not just for myself but when a fellow genealogist finally finds answers they have been searching for. Most people call them brick walls, but for me it is a dam – I finally bust a hole in the dam and a whole bunch of ancestors come pouring through!
    I have enjoyed this A to Z journey with you and will continue to check in to see what you are up to.

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    1. I love the dam analogy Dianne, much more than the brick wall as it brings more questions as well as answers with the deluge.

      I’ve enjoyed finding far more genies on this year’s list but I got behind thanks to two family visits interstate. Slowly making my way back through the posts. Thanks for following and commenting!!


  2. Pauleen, Congratulations on surviving. The challenge has shown me I can find time to research and blog more. It reminded me of when I was much younger and got things done in advance for a few posts. Not sure if I am lazier now or just not so stressed out trying to be perfect. Coffee soon? Fran

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    1. Stopped mid-comment. I had my posts scheduled so I could keep up between travel but lost the path with reading. Hopefully the challenge has kick-started us on better blogging and research paths.

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    1. Thanks Molly for your generous comments. I’m pleased to have discovered your blog and a couple of others new to me. After a quiet 12 months of haphazard blogging I’m hoping I’ve got kick-started again.


  3. You made it to the end – congratulations, Pauleen, and thank you for reminding us of the basics of family history research. Your final post for Z went zinging across the blogosphere!

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