A to Z 2016 Summary

survivor-atoz [2016] v2Whew!! Well we’ve all survived yet another A to Z challenge and what an experience it’s been. There are so many brilliant blogs out there and I was pleased to find this year how many fellow geneabloggers were participating. I also discovered some that were new to me. You can see them on this Sunday Summary list. It was fun to see how differently people responded to the challenge with their theme.

My theme in 2016 was how to pursue an interest in family history/genealogy. Hopefully it’s helped a few people along the way and not frightened anyone off.

Thanks to inspiration from my friend Maria from Wishful Linking Family History Blog, I’ve put together my A to Z list here.  If you don’t already follow Maria’s Genies Down Under podcasts, do yourself a favour and sign up…lots of learning and fun.

A is for Ancestors and Archives

B is for BDMs, Blogs and Beyond the Internet

Tree and ladder shutterstock_56502106C is for Certificates, Collateral Research and Census Data

D is for Digitisation and DNA

E is for Education, Ethics and Electoral Rolls

F is for Family

G is for Genealogical Societies and the Genealogy Community

H is for History, Hospital Records and Health Inheritance

I is for Interviews and Immigration

J is for Journals

K is for Kirk Sessions and Kiva

L is for Libraries and Local Histories

M is for Maps and Microfilms

N is for Newspapers

O is for Occupations and One Place Studies

revisit record revise circular_edited-1P is for Parish Registers and Parish Chests

Q is for Questions

R is for 3 Rs and Religion

S is for Stories and Serendipity

T is for Trials, Tribulations and Tombstones

U is for Undertakers

V is for Valuations and Virtue

W is for Witnesses, Wills and Workhouses

X is for Scandals and eXpertise

The world is your family tree oyster with blogging. Edited image from Office Clip Art.
Share your discoveries on your blog.

Y is for Yearning

Z is for zzzz

Thanks to my readers for joining me on the journey and commenting. I appreciated your company.

Thanks also to the A to Z organisers for challenging us each year. Seriously you could read just the posts from this series and it would take months. There’s so many interesting blogs out in the blogosphere.

22 thoughts on “A to Z 2016 Summary

  1. This was my 5th year of taking part, and at the end I always say “never again”. But I soon start thinking of another theme! I had drafted up to M before April 1st, but then in the latter stages was writing only a day ahead – complicated by a short break away and the fact I am apt to over edit and spend too long tweaking before posting. I also seem to find it impossible to write short posts, and cannot keep to one topic per letter. My theme of Childhood Memories had a wide appeal and I was delighted at the comments I received and reminiscences shared. The new Facebook page “We are Genealogy Bloggers” was invaluable in pointing me to new (to me) A-Z bloggers who I added to my Reading List – in previous A-Z Challenges I was aware of very few FH participants. I tried to read and comment on other blogs regularly, but the slight downside was that I did not extend my reading into areas outside family history. Yes, the challenge was at times a bit stressful, but I have a few new followers, widened my own FH contacts (which I had not done for sometime) and learned from the writing of others. Onto 2017!

    Thank you, too, Pauleen, for reminding us of the basics of FH research – and for including me in your blog list.

    Chat (1)

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    1. Hi Susan, I’m still behind with all of my reading and was enjoying all your reminiscences, as with a few others. In fact you’ve inspired me with a follow-up idea….stay tuned.

      I know what you mean about another year’s challenge. This was my third but I’d had a break for a year or two. I still have some ideas but they would need quite a bit of advance planning.


  2. Congratulations on finishing and I love your idea of a summary blog. I didn’t get to read all your posts during the challenge but I look forward to catching up!

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  3. Impressive list! Got mine up yesterday…then immediately felt tired just looking at it. 🙂 Great meeting you during the challenge. Hope to keep in contact going forward, once I finish up my Reflections post.

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  4. I like your summary idea. I sporadically read posts, but to have them reviewed and listed made it easier to go back and pick up the ones I had missed. Nice work.

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