My A to Z finale and reflections

A to Z reflection

The end of an A to Z challenge always comes with a sense of achievement as well as some relief at its conclusion. Blogging six times a week on a consistent theme can be demanding of time and mental energy, especially if you start at the last minute as I did this year.

A couple of months ago I’d set out a schedule on the topic of Gratitude which I also wanted to tie into my family history and ancestral lives. Unfortunately, with so many of the words I listed, it was nearly impossible to show them in action in my families. This made me rethink my chosen words and forced some mental gymnastics to remember all the various research discoveries I’d made over the years and how they demonstrated whichever attribute of gratitude I’d chosen.

Did I succeed? I’m not sure but I’m pleased with the stories I presented and how they showed the character and resilience of my ancestors. Not all were “perfect”, certainly not all the time, but they do provide me with inspiration for lives well lived, and forgiveness for times fallen short.

In these times of coronavirus and covid-19, the challenge was a perfect antidote to the uncertainties and social restrictions. Not only did it consume a lot of time (the virtue of starting late this year), it also reminded me that my ancestors had tough times as well and survived and thrived.

I’d like to thank those who followed along and those who commented or shared my posts as well as all those who shared their blog stories through the challenge. My blog reading net wasn’t spread as widely this year (the downside of a late start) but I’ve followed excellent series by fellow family historians and some bloggers from previous years. Thank you for your entertainment and sharing your stories.

UPDATE: A to Z Blog reading and thoughts – a further post.

Looking back a few years I found a post I’d written about the list of things I’m grateful for. It really hasn’t changed that much. Of course it differs from the things my ancestors would have been grateful for, but not entirely.




14 thoughts on “My A to Z finale and reflections

  1. I think your series was a great success and very thought provoking 🙂 I have enjoyed following along and appreciated your visiting and commenting on my blog too.


    1. Thanks Anne. It’s such a pleasure to have a supportive group of genies who write interesting posts, visit, comment and support each other.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed all your thoughtful posts, such an amazing effort. I barely managed to keep up with very short posts. I did not manage to comment on as many blogs as in previous years but appreciated the time you took to comment on mine. 🙏


  3. It was a pleasure reading your A to Z posts, I looked forward to them each day.
    Sorry my comments are sometimes lengthy… I don’t talk much but I do get carried away when I write ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I’ll be back to visit from time to time.


  4. A fitting conclusion in your Reflections post. I thought you did well in capturing family stories to match the words you chose — something I may consider for future posts of my own — and it was a joy reading your posts. Gratitude was also especially apt this year given how grateful we all are to health care workers — and other essential workers whose jobs allow us to shelter in place and still get food and other essentials. Like you, when I resume regular blogging I plan to address the 1918 influenza pandemic, in which one of my grandfather’s brothers died. I believe there are lessons in that pandemic for us all. Look forward to continuing our mutual visits and comments in future.


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