Crazy Month of May – pandemic experience responses

A week ago I thought it might be an idea to share a meme so we can record our experiences during the current pandemic. Here are the questions. Randy Seaver of Geneamusings also suggested it as the topic for this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun meme – thanks Randy! The responses from that will be in two parts – one this week and one after next Saturday.

I’ve listed all the blogs that have responded and the links will take you direct to their answers. If you haven’t visited them before, why not explore some of the other posts and leave a comment?

Ancestral Discoveries Part I* and Part II

Canada Genealogy or Jane’s Your Aunt * Part I  and Part II

Curry Apple Orchard

Deb’s World *

Earlier Years

Empty Branches on the Family Tree Part I* and Part II

Family History Across the Seas

Family History Fun

Family Tree Frog

Geneamusings *and Part II


Lacie’s Genealogy Blog Part I* and Part II

Lois Willis Genealogy and Family History Part I and Part II

Lone Tester

My Tapley Family Tree

My Trails into the Past Part I and Part II

Smoky Mountain Family Historian

Test Patterns

Tracking Down the Family

Under the Nut Tree Genealogy *

Writing my Past

The blogs marked with an * have responded to questions 1-10 and will complete the remainder this weekend…now updated in red. Do go back and check out the rest of their answers

For an Irish perspective you may wish to read The Silver Voice’s posts about life in the covid-19 cocoon. Thanks Angela for letting me include these here.

Thanks to all those who’ve joined in. If I’ve omitted to list your blog, my apologies –  please send me a message and I’ll rectify it. It’s still not too late – if you want to link to my original post I’ll add your response here. It’s been interesting to see how differently it has affected each of us, as well as some commonalities.

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