Australia Day 2021

I promised no flag-waving.

Over the years I’ve written various posts for Australia Day and even offered a meme or two. Strangely I’d forgotten that I’d done many of these until my geminate Anne from Anne’s Family History blog resurrected one of these themes today.

Since I’ve prepared no new post for Australia Day 2021, I’m including a list of the posts I’ve done previously.

Australia Day 2017: My Immigrant Ancestors

Australia Day 2016: Queenslander!

Australia Day 2014: C’mon Aussie, Climbing your family gum tree

Australia Day 2014: C’mon Aussie Compilation

The following memes were inspired by geminate Shelley from Twigs of Yore blog

Australia Day 2013: The Kents from Sandon, Hertfordshire

Australia Day 2012: Wealth for toil on the railway

Australia Day 2011: The importance of church records


Feel free to add your own responses to any of these topics and memes. Or you might want to join us on @ANZAncestryTime tonight (7pm AEST) to discuss “Why do Family History?”

Not only have I forgotten about some of the posts, I even missed the 11th anniversary of my own blog in late December. Happy blogiversary to Family History Across the Seas.

Image by Artturi Mäntysaari from Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Australia Day 2021

  1. All this talk of Gum Trees has made me realise that you created an Aussie term to describe the Aussie branches on our family trees. Heading off soon to add Gum Tree to the Geneadictionary.

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  2. It’s 4.30 pm on Australia Day and I am reading blogs. What is wrong with this picture? No sausages ready for the BBQ and did not swim at the beach today. Whatever anyone decides about today I am very appreciative of my Aussie friends and happy to be living here. And that I can spend it in front of the computer if I wish.

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