Australia Day 2016

wattleYesterday I was reflecting on my Aussie heritage and why I am such a proud Queenslander.

I had a little play with my immigrant stats and this is what I came up with, an analysis of my first immigrants to Australia, all bar one of them to Queensland.

8 Pre-Separation Queensland ancestors (pre-1859):
George Mathias Kunkel (Dorfprozelten, Bavaria)
Mary O’Brien (Broadford, Co Clare, Ireland)
Denis Gavin and his wife Ellen nee Murphy (from Kildare and Wicklow respectively)
William Partridge (from Gloucestershire, but born London)
Richard Kent, his wife Mary nee Camp and their daughter Hannah (from Sandon, Herts)

7 Post-Separation Queensland ancestors: (1860-1901)
Stephen Gillespie Melvin (Leith, Scotland)
James Sherry and his wife Bridget nee Furlong (from ?, Ireland and Tullamore, Offaly). Name changed to McShArry in Australia
Their son Peter Sherry (b Tullamore, Offaly) and his wife Mary nee Callaghan (Courtown, Wexford) Name changed to McShErry in Australia.
and Peter and Mary’s son James Joseph Sherry (born Gorey, Wexford)
Margaret Gillespie, later Melvin/Ward/Wheaton (North Shields, Northumberland)

2 Post Federation (after 1901): Annie Sim McCorkindale and her daughter, Catherine (Kit)

Illustrated front cover from The Queenslander October 2 1930  John Oxley Library Image 702692-19301002-s001b. Copyright expired.

8 Irish ancestors arrived from Clare, Wicklow, Wexford, Offaly, Kildare

7 of my direct ancestors were born in Queensland including 3 pre-Separation

6 groups of families immigrated: McCorkindale, Melvin, Gavin, McSherry, McSharry, Kent.

5 English ancestors emigrated from Northumberland, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire.

4 were solo emigrants: George Kunkel, Mary O’Brien, William Partridge and Margaret Gillespie Ward.

I’m a 4th generation Queenslander – makes me a fair dinkum Maroon.

3 Scottish ancestors emigrated from Lanarkshire, Midlothian, Stirlingshire.

2 name changes: Sherry to McSherry; and Sherry to McSharry – same family.

1 German ancestor from Bavaria.

1 settled in NSW before coming to Qld: Margaret Gillespie Ward.

No wonder my roots run deep in the country.

10 thoughts on “Australia Day 2016

  1. That’s some heritage…as far as I know most of mine, except for a brother of my grandfather, settled in NSW… The odd one out settled in Perth, which is just as well, as it gave one of my Aunts somewhere on land to be born, when she was supposed to wait till they got to Greece.


  2. I’m the opposite to you – no roots in Australia at all except for my generation. My mother was born here, conceived in Kent, father born in Southampton. That’s why I like to research for friends and husband – get my teeth into other Aussie’s roots, convicts or settlers.


  3. I have a mix of eastern states. I have one particular pair, Arthur & Mary Ann Bastable from Mallow County Cork though who arrived in Adelaide in 1855 with 4 kids in tow, jumped on a coastal steamer to Melbourne and then on another to Sydney with Mary Ann giving birth a couple of weeks later. They must have been very keen on Sydney. 🙂 My great grandfather was one of the kids in tow. His wife was born in Victoria, her parents having arrived through Melbourne. I often wonder if that was why my grandmother was called Adelaide Victoria, even though Adelaide was a family name on her mother’s side.


  4. This is a very interesting idea, Pauleen. One of these days I must do something similar for my family. So far my earliest confirmed immigrant ancestor is a CAMPBELL in 1839 – but there’s still a chance that I might have one convict… *if* Robert BUTLER alias BROWN (ship ‘Elizabeth’, arrived 1832) turns out to be the right person!


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