My A to Z reading – so far

We’re all winners just for finishing the challenge!

One of the biggest hazards of not having your A to Z posts pre-scheduled is that it restricts your time to visit others’ blog posts and comment. I certainly had that problem this year so much so I had to reduce my crime-novel indulgence <smile>

My first priority was visiting “old” friends from the blogisphere, especially fellow family historians. However, I was very pleased to visit a reasonable number of blogs that were new to me and to make new friends. So without further ado, here is a list of those I explored. I hope to get to some more during May.

GENEALOGY/FAMILY HISTORY blogs I followed and enjoyed:

Anne’s Family History about her diverse ancestry and in-depth research

Cooroy-Noosa Genealogical & Historical Research Group – brief intro to family history for each letter

Curry Apple Orchard: Linda talked about “Joanne’s” life in the 70s

Everyone has a story: Jeanne and I have been blogging mates for a few years now and I enjoy her stories

Finding Eliza writing about life in the 1950s based on the recent census release

iFamilyHistory offered links and a synopsis to a variety of talks presented at RootsTech – a handy cheat-sheet

Lene Kottal’s Genealogy Blog …would be just great if you have Danish ancestry (I don’t so skipped this one but thought it worth recommending for those who do)

Sorrell: 200 years on: a family and local history of the Tasmanian town, Sorrel

Tracking Down the Family – Jennifer is another family history blogger and genimate.

I have a couple more I need to follow up as well.

OTHER BLOGS I followed and enjoyed, included alphabetically to avoid favouritism:

Beth Lapin’s A to Z Blog 2022 Beth showed how short posts could be engaging. She was also a prolific commenter, thanks Beth.

Damyati Writes: another prolific commenter. Damyanti’s A to Z of crime novels was perfect for this addict of crime, police procedurals and thrillers. Her own first book is excellent: You Beneath Your Skin.

Diary of a Dublin Housewife: unfailingly amusing.

How would you know…about becoming vegetarian

Kalpana Writes…travel images and stories

Musings of a Middle-Aged Mom…Lisa wrote about being 63 in a way that resonated for many ages

Radhika’s Reflections…reflections on nature



Temperature’s Rising by Mrs Fever posted questions for us to answer if we chose

The Dream Girl Writes kept us in suspense with her story and daily cliff-hangers

The Pensive by Afshan…a new-to-me cultural perspective

Walking humbly with my dog…life, family, and pets

Wendy’s Waffle…conversations with Alice (in Wonderland)

Brewing Coffee, Twisting Words & eBreaking Pencils

Congratulations to one and all for completing what is a frenetic and challenging month of blogging and sharing your stories with your readers. It’s satisfying to complete the month and in many ways fun to do. Being prepared is the key to reducing stress…but surely that’s over-rated <smile>.

I’m looking forward to reading more stories over the coming months

9 thoughts on “My A to Z reading – so far

  1. Congratulation back to you also for completing another A to Z. I did enjoy your travels, pictures and more. I do hope to do another A to Z someday. The idea of preparation before April seems a great idea. I must try harder!!!


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