War – Anzac Day

You may be wondering why I’ve misplaced my alphabet but there is method is my “mistake” as today Down Under we commemorate Anzac Day. It has become traditional over the years to write a commemorative blog post for both Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. You can find mine by using the search box. While you … More War – Anzac Day

Xenophobia and War

One of the major influences in my life for which I’m very grateful has been the presence of many acquaintances and friends who’ve immigrated to Australia. As a child, my Catholic primary school saw an influx of Europeans in the years after World War II. This mix of Czechs, Yugoslavs, Poles, Maltese and others became … More Xenophobia and War

The Price of Peace

It may be that, on a daily basis, I take our country’s peace for granted rather than give thanks for it. Yes, it has things that could be done better or differently, but overall we are indeed the Lucky Country when it comes to peace. Yes, I am aware that our Indigenous Australians paid a … More The Price of Peace

Lest We Forget 2019

For the astounding loss of human life and potential around the world. For those who served and gave their lives, ally or enemy For their country’s cause, safety and honour. For the ANZACs who travelled so far to fight in distant lands. For the families and communities left behind to wait and mourn, And the … More Lest We Forget 2019