Australia Day 2016

Yesterday I was reflecting on my Aussie heritage and why I am such a proud Queenslander. I had a little play with my immigrant stats and this is what I came up with, an analysis of my first immigrants to Australia, all bar one of them to Queensland. 8 Pre-Separation Queensland ancestors (pre-1859): George Mathias … More Australia Day 2016

Sepia Saturday: Colonial Fishing Days

This Sepia Saturday has three young men relaxing at their leisure on the creek bank after a spot of fishing with their flimsy fishing rods. It brought to mind many similar scenes that would have occurred in colonial Queensland beside creeks and waterways throughout the countryside. I could well imagine my Kunkel great-grandparents, and perhaps … More Sepia Saturday: Colonial Fishing Days

Sepia Saturday 251: Qld Civil Liberties in the 60s

As happens sometimes with a Sepia Saturday prompt, I immediately thought “how can I write on this?”…  “I’ve got nothing in my family history that fits”. Turning to Trove, the Aussie genealogists’ friend, I searched for “police + chemist”. Did you notice there was a chemist’s shop in the background of the featured image? So … More Sepia Saturday 251: Qld Civil Liberties in the 60s

Advent Calendar: Day 4 – Christmas Lights & Illuminations

The Christmas light prompt is: Some families string up a few lights each year while others go nuclear and are destined to force their neighbours into a brown out situation. Did your family put up lights and outdoor decorations around Christmas time? What about the neighbours? And was it a favourite family activity to drive … More Advent Calendar: Day 4 – Christmas Lights & Illuminations